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Absolute Trust Academy Trust Administration 101 is a four (4) hour course (continuing education credits will be available) that equips CPAs and CFPs with a stronger knowledge base of trust administration processes and procedures to enhance client services and relationships.


Join Us to Learn About:

Trust Administration Basics:

Discover seven basic steps to help you navigate the trust administration process regardless of your client's situation.

Trust Planning for Couples:

Learn how taking advantage of the unlimited marital deduction to eliminate or defer estate taxes affect clients after a death.

Estate Tax Return Best Practices:

Find out what data must be gathered and presented to the IRS in an estate tax return.

Lifetime Planning and Management and After-Death Administration:

We will talk about how you can help clients minimize expenses and navigate challenges that could arise after a death.
Continuing Education Credits Available:

For this event, all CFPs and CPAs who attend will earn 4 hours of continuing education credits. 

Refocus your business and continue providing innovative solutions for trust and estate related circumstances.
Why Is Trust Administration an Important Topic for Financial Professionals?
  • Financial Advisors and CPAs are often the first professionals contacted upon a death. Why? Because clients trust and depend on their advisors regularly and because advisors typically have the deepest and broadest knowledge of their client's situations.
  • ​The trust administration process requires a coordinated effort among the attorney, financial advisor, CPA, and the family. All of these advisors have an important role in the process and enhancing their knowledge base benefits clients and their business.
  • ​Understanding trust administration is another way of understanding estate planning and how that plan will play out after death. The more knowledge advisors bring to their client's estate planning, the better off the team will be in anticipating and heading off future problems resulting in a more robust plan overall.
Meet Our Presenters

Madison Gunn, Attorney, Absolute Trust Counsel – “The 7 Basic Steps of Trust Administration”

Madison has been an esteemed member of the Absolute Trust Counsel team and our associate attorney since 2019. Her extensive and diverse background of legal experience was built off years of working her way up from intern to attorney at law. While Madison worked with various firms in different areas of the law, it was her passion for helping seniors, individuals, and families protect their legacies and prepare for the future that ultimately became her focus for practice as an attorney. 

Jim O’Dea, Broker Associate, Redwood Mortgage – “The 7 Basic Steps of Trust Administration”

Jim O’Dea is currently a Broker Associate with Redwood Mortgage, a private money lender. Jim has been with Redwood for over 18 years and has been in commercial real estate for over 40 years. During his time at Redwood Mortgage, he has originated and closed over $150 million in loans.

Kirsten Howe, Esq., Managing Attorney, Absolute Trust Counsel – “The ABCs of Trust Planning”

For more than 20 years, individuals and families in Walnut Creek, California, and the surrounding areas have trusted Absolute Trust Counsel Managing Attorney Kirsten Howe and her team to help them secure their legacy. Uniquely qualified to create individualized estate plans, Kirsten and her team provide focused counsel on estate planning, trust administration, probate, Medi-Cal planning, special needs planning, and other estate-related issues.

Margaret Schopp, CPA, Schopp & Co. – “Tax Compliance: Form 706”

Margaret has been a CPA for over 20 years. While she started her career in public accounting, she quickly moved into the corporate world, holding positions at Deloitte, WildBrain (animation studio), and THX. This “real world” experience gives Margaret a unique perspective when working with her clients.

Karen Fisher, Principal, Bishop Fiduciary Services, Ltd. – “Helping Clients with Best Practices”

Karen founded Bishop Fiduciary Services, Ltd in 2012 after working in the trust and estates departments for three financial institutions from 1997 through 2012. Karen wanted to provide a comprehensive suite of services that a corporate trustee could not provide. Many clients need additional services to continue living independently in their home, such as power of attorney for health care, or they need fiduciary services to protect them from others (vulnerable adults who have been scammed). Karen is able to offer both, and so much more through Bishop Fiduciary Services.
Absolute Trust Academy Trust Administration 101 is an exclusive opportunity for CPAs, CFPs, and other financial professionals to learn and implement proven planning strategies and tactics to address a client's unique needs while maximizing your business potential.
Webinar Details
Absolute Trust Academy Trust Administration 101
Friday, October 28, 2022
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
This is a FREE Virtual event that will be hosted via Zoom.
Event Schedule


                                                                            9:00 AM

The 7 Basic Steps of Trust Administration – Madison Gunn and Jim O’Dea

                                    9:05 AM

In this session, we give an overview of the entire trust administration process. Every trust is different, and every client’s situation is different, but there are basic steps that must be taken in every case. We will cover the advisor’s important role in gathering information, helping with valuations, establishing new accounts, and setting up ongoing trusts. We also dive into a discussion on asset decision-making, such as what to keep, what to sell and when, how to pay obligations and taxes, how to allocate among beneficiaries or ongoing trusts, that require analysis and involvement of the financial advisor.

The ABCs of Trust Planning – Kirsten Howe 

                                                                           10:00 AM

This section will focus on planning for married couples. There are various ways for married couples to plan to take advantage of the unlimited marital deduction to eliminate or defer estate tax while providing for each other and their children. Understanding how each type plays out after death is, of course, important for advisors of widowed clients. It is also important for advising married couples during the estate planning process because advisors are uniquely positioned to understand how their clients’ particular asset mix will be affected by their chosen marital deduction plan.


                                                                           10:30 AM

Tax Compliance: Form 706 – Margaret Schopp

                                                                           10:40 AM

In this presentation, Margaret will provide an overview of the data that must be gathered and presented to the IRS in an estate tax return. For example, assets must be reported (in many cases discovered!), their values must be determined in a particular way, and expenses must be tracked and reported. The advisor’s clients need assistance with these tasks, and thoughtful planning and management prior to death will help simplify the process. This session will also review the widely misunderstood rules concerning when a 706 is required to help clients avoid making a costly mistake.


                                                                           11:30 AM

Helping Clients with Best Practices - Karen Fisher

                                                                           11:40 AM

We will hear from trust administration expert Karen Fisher, about common mistakes made during after-death administration and lifetime planning and management. We will cover the practical steps advisors can take and help their clients take throughout their lives to minimize expense and hassle after a death.


                                                                           12:30 PM

About Absolute Trust Counsel
While some law firms offer general services meeting every conceivable legal need, Absolute Trust Counsel takes a different approach. California estate law is our specialty. It’s what we love and what we do best.

Our focus is on serving our neighbors in Walnut Creek and the surrounding area. We work with seniors every day. We work with families needing estate planning every day. We work with families who have lost loved ones and are now facing probate. We work with families who have members with special needs. We work with families needing nursing home assistance. Our belief is that this specialization and dedication translates to better results for our clients.

Choosing the right attorney is always a decision that should be made thoughtfully, particularly when it comes to planning for your future. You need a legal team who will take the time to listen closely to you and gain a thorough understanding of your particular situation and your most pressing concerns, goals, and hopes for your legacy. We pride ourselves on practicing that sort of personalized law. We are a law practice that will be there for you and your family today, tomorrow, and for years to come — a law firm for life.
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